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All I want for Christmas.... Is a Million Dollar Fish.

It's a barra-bonanza! The big man in red has released another 12 red tagged fish.

Grab your mates and wet a line!

Fish the NT.

It’s no secret that the Northern Territory is home to some of the best fishing in Australia, this season we’ve released 113 Tagged Fish into five incredible fishing destinations – Arnhem Land, Darwin, Kakadu, Katherine and Tiwi Islands.

63 prized fish have been snagged since the comp began with the elusive Million Dollar Fish still to be reeled in.

Here in the NT, any fisho can win the mill – so come on, wet a line and try your luck.

9Fish caught

From Our Socials.


Cullen Bay is going off! ANOTHER red tag has been reeled in by local fisho Manap Lay. That's the fourth $10k fish in five days!

After not having much luck earlier in the evening, Manap decided to give Cullen Bay a second chance last night and lucky he did, because this 56cm fella was there waiting for him. 

And yes - this was another one from Santa's release! 🎅💸 

If you're not already registered, you should be. Head to the link in our bio today and do it for FREE!If all you want for Christmas is some new fishing gear, check this out! 🎅

@shimanofishau has hooked us up with the ultimate fishing pack, worth a whopping $1,043! To take it home, here's what you gotta do:

1. Register for Million Dollar Fish Season 7 (the link is in our bio)
2. Head over to our Facebook page and tell us your lure of choice when on the hunt for barra 🐟

And if you're looking for the perfect gift for that fisho in your life (or yourself!), have a look at Shimano's Gift Guide at the link in our bio.

We'll draw our winner on Monday, 13 December. T&C's apply, head to Facebook for full details.Yewwwhooohooo! The 8th fish of the season has officially been reeled in!

Steven Coulton and Andrew Bates were fishing out front of Steven's place at Wagait Beach last night when they pulled in a 75cm baz.

We don't have any pics of the fish to share because... well... it was already half way to the pan before the boys found the red tag 🤣

That Christmas magic is in the air, get out there and wet a line! There's more chances than ever to reel in some extra cash.

Fill in your FREE rego at the link in our bio before you head out!Wakey wakey, fishos! 🐟 Santa's up early this morning and ready to share his next clue.

Here are the co-ordinates for Spot #3:

📍 12°26.879' S 130°51.163' E

Now go, go, go!! Those Million Dollar Fish are waiting to be caught. Register at the link in our bio here before you hit the water.It's a barra bonanza! TWO Territory locals managed to reel in a red-tagged fish over the weekend and win themselves a $10,000 bonus just in time for Christmas 🎅 🐟 💰 

The first was a 64cm barra caught by Tracy Coughlan out at Daly River. She's the first female fisho to bag a prize winning fish this season!

The second was a 72cm beauty snagged off the Cullen Bay pontoon by Manolis Zaroufis. This fish is part of the 12 that our mate Santa released last month!

There's still plenty of Million Dollar Fish swimming around those Top End waterways, and more Fishmas clues on the way to help you track them down. 

Make sure you fill in your FREE rego before you reel one in, the link is in our bio.Santa's dropped another clue just in time for the weekend!

The co-ordinates for Spot #2 are:

📍 12°28.428’ S 130°46.727’ E

With an additional $120,000 worth of red-tagged fish now swimming around the Top End, your chance to snag a Christmas bonus has never been better. Get on out there!

And don't forget to register before you hit the water. It's free! The link is in our bio.This silver beauty has won you an official MDF Season 7 shirt, Congrats!

Keep using the hashtag #milliondollarfish to win one yourself. We draw a new winner every month.

And for those that are watching closely.... Santa's got another clue coming out tomorrow at 11am ACST. 

See you then 👀Well fishos, no sign of a Christmas barra on the line yet, but we've got another clue coming your way before the weekend so keep your eyes peeled! 

We'll also be sharing heaps of Christmas giveaways and gift inspo throughout the month.

We reckon an official Season 7 fishing shirt should be on the top of everyone's wish list this year, and our mates at @bigfish_gear are giving them away for a whopping 40% off! That's just 55 bucks. 

To get your promo code, simply register for Million Dollar Fish at the link in our bio and check your inbox.

Ho Ho Ho 🎅🐟Santa, you legend! 🎅

In case you haven't heard, the big man in red has hit the Top End and released an eye-watering $120,000 worth of red-tagged fish just in time for Christmas.

We'll be sharing the GPS locations of select drops throughout December. Give us a follow and keep checking back!

Spot #1 is of course the Darwin Trailer Boat Club Boat Ramp:

📍 12°25'41.3"S 130°50'07.3"E

Remember: you MUST be registered before your reel in the prize. Head to the link in our bio to your name on the list!That's right - Santa has traded the icy North Pole for the Tropical Top End and he's dropped an additional $120,000 worth of red-tagged fish in to Top End waterways!

Lucky for you fishos, we've got clues coming your way to help you find them. Keep an eye on our page for more info, plus heaps of Christmas giveaways!

But first, make sure you're registered hey? 🎣 The link is in our bio.

Merry Fishmas!The big man in red has been spotted in the Top End 👀 and he's got some fishy surprises for ya!

If all you want for Christmas is a Million Dollar Fish, get registered. There's a surprise coming your way...

💰🎅💰🎅💰That first barra feeling 😍

Tania caught her fist barra a couple weekends back with @dundeebeachfishingcharters and it was a gorgeous 90cm! 

Well done Tania 👏 we love to see that silverware. If you've recently reeled in an impressive catch, send it to us via DM or use the hashtag #milliondollarfish so we can give it a share!@reel_destinations and @sneaky_fisho_dylo are having some luck out West Arnhem Land way!

Head up to our stories to see what they've been up to ☝️And that's number 🖐!

This is Darryl McLeod, who now has an extra $10,000 in his pocket.

Darryl snagged this prize-winning 89cm catch while land-based fishing on the Daly River with friends. And guess what? His partner is Kaitlyn Ah Fat who also reeled in a red tag back in Season 6! Think they'll give up their fav fishing spot?

Congrats Darryl! There are still 95 fish worth $10,000 swimming around Top End waterways, plus eight chances to score the big one – a million bucks. 

You gotta be in it to win it. REGISTER NOW at the link in our bio!@reel_destinations have arrived in the NT and they're on the hunt for a tagged Million Dollar Fish!

They'll be sneaking on to our stories this week with updates from some of the Top End's most epic fishing spots.

First stop: @dhipirri in East Arnhemland where they've had some luck reeling in silver 👀

Head over to our stories to see what they've been up to and keep checking back for more!Our mates over at @parksandwildlifent recently shared this snap of a sneaky saltie in the mud, and we had to share. 

This is a timely reminder fishos, always stay #crocwise! 

Tell us how long it took for you to spot him... 👀

Photo by Rodney Fischer$159* flights to Darwin? Lock it in!

We've spotted some epic flight deals on Virgin Australia from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

The sale ends Friday so get booking and start fishing! The link is in our bio.

*T&Cs apply, see Virgin Australia website for details.Happy Monday fishos! Only 5 more days til we're back out on the water 😜

Who spent the weekend hunting for that Million Dollar Fish? 🎣

Cheers to William Ross for sending us this great snap from the Tiwi Islands. Tag us in your pics or use the hashtag #milliondollarfish so we can share yours!Have we convinced you to make the trip up to the Top End to catch the Million Dollar Fish? Of course we bloody have! 😜

Lucky for you fishos, has pulled together a heap of fishing packages in honour of Million Dollar Fish and they are on SALE.

Head to the link in our bio to check out package details and start thinking about how you're going to spend that extra cash...

📸: Tourism NTWinner winner, barra dinner! 🐟 

Queenslander David Nolan is going home $10,000 richer after bagging a red-tagged barra on a fishing trip with a bunch of mates at Dundee yesterday. 

The lucky banana bender plans to spend his winnings on Christmas presents for family and friends, and reckons he'll be back in the Territory soon to bag the Million Dollar Fish!

The 68cm baz is the fourth prize-tagged fish caught this season, and is the very first ever caught on a fishing charter! Congrats Dundee Beach Fishing Charters! 👏 

Remember, there are still plenty of prize-tagged fish swimming around Top End waterways, but you must be registered to claim that cold hard cash 💰 

Visit the link in our bio for more info and to register now for free!

📷: Dundee Beach Fishing ChartersThe build up barra look to be in fine form this year fishos 👌

Congrats on the catch Tristan (@tristan_christie_nt) and thanks for using #MillionDollarFish! Your official MDF merch shirt is in the mail 🙌

Keen to scoop up a shirt for yourself? Make sure you're tagging us in your photos and using our hashtag so you're entered. We'll draw a new winning fisho every month through Season 7.

Full terms and conditions are at the link in our bio.We've trawled through some more of your Million Dollar Myths and we're keen for a bit of fishbusting tonight! 💥 Here's what you've been hearing:

𝗠𝗬𝗧𝗛: The winning Million Dollar Fish tag numbers change every day.

𝗙𝗔𝗖𝗧: Nope! The tag numbers of the seven Million Dollar Fish already released can be found on our website. They have remained the same throughout the competition. The tag number for this season’s Million Dollar Fish will be revealed at the end of Season 7 next year.


𝗠𝗬𝗧𝗛: You need expensive gear to catch a barra.

𝗙𝗔𝗖𝗧: False! We’ve had a lucky fisho land a prize-tagged barra with a humble handline, so anything really is possible. Just remember, it is against the competition rules to catch a tagged fish with a net. Our fishy experts can tell if this is how a fish was caught, so don’t risk it.


𝗠𝗬𝗧𝗛: Only Territorians ever catch the tagged fish.

𝗙𝗔𝗖𝗧: It’s true heaps of Territorians have snagged a tagged barra - what do you expect from the nation’s best fishos? But we’ve had people from all over Australia walk away with prize money from landing a tagged fish, and score themselves some pretty awesome prizes from the prize pool. Register now and the next winner could be you. 

Have we missed any myths? 🤔 Let us know!It's finally the weekend fishos 🙌 And we're heading straight to the water for a flick.

@wildvisits have been loving the hunt in the harbour lately and it looks to be been paying off! 

Keep tagging us in your pics to be featured legends and use the hashtag #milliondollarfish 🐟Our mates at @helifish reckon our warm weather has the barra on the chew, and they've got the pics to prove it!

Helifsh definitely know where to find a barra in the Top End, and they're generous too... if you book a full day or half day tour with them and reel in a Season 7 fish worth $10k, they'll DOUBLE your money. That's an extra $10,000 in cash! 🤑🤑🤑

Best head to their website to book your trip, we wouldn't want you to miss out.Reel in a red tag, give to a charity in need. Another GREAT reason to get out for a flick 🙌 

This year, for every $10k fish caught, an extra $1k is donated to an official Million Dollar Fish charity, as nominated by the winning fisho. An official Charity Partner will also receive $10k once the Million Dollar Fish is caught!

One of our official Charity Partners is, an organisation that combines formal education with practical, on-the-job training to create career pathways for Indigenous youth. 

Check out the video above to learn more about Shoreline and their recent graduate Anthony Lorenzo, Tiwi Islands' go-to guide for those hunting down the illusive barra!

For more info about Shoreline, visit their website.

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