Fish & Win

Whether you’re a land-based fisho or heading out in a boat to wet a line, you’re in with a chance to become $1 million richer! And in Season 9 we are guaranteeing that the million will go off.

As long as you are registered for Season 9 of Million Dollar Fish, you’ll be eligible to take home huge cash prizes if you bag a prize-tagged fish.



Million-Dollar Fish

Million-Dollar Fish

Catch one of these guys and you’re a millionaire; plus a Million Dollar Fish Season 9 official charity partners will receive $10,000!

To be eligible to claim the Million Dollar Fish, you must have registered for Season 9.

The following tagged fish from Seasons 1 to 8 are worth $1 Million bucks:

S1-MDF1469, S2-MDF2656, S3-MDF3556, S4-MDF4540, S4-MDF4663, S5-MDF5501, S6-MDF6474, S7-MDF7399, S8-MDF8323

$1 MILL*if caught
$10,000 Red-Tagged Fish

$10,000 Red-Tagged Fish

$10,000 to spend however you bloody like.

Plus, for each $10,000 barra reeled in, we will donate an additional $1,000 to one of the Million Dollar Fish Official Charity Partners.



$10,000if caught

*Once the first Million Dollar Fish is caught, the remaining 41 Million Dollar Fish will become $10,000 fish until the end of the season. After the end of Season 9, all tagged fish become in-active and have no cash value. You must have registered for Season 9 to claim the Million Dollar Fish.




Don’t remove the tag. If the tag is covered in algae, remove algae before photographing.

Photograph the fish for verification

There are three key photos required:

Fish on blue background

Photo one must clearly display the front of the fish.

Fish on blue background with ruler

Photo two must be taken of the fish on a fish mat, or alongside a ruler or tape measure to clearly display the length of the fish. The fish must be laid out in a manner to clearly display the fish tag.

Fish with red tag

Photo three is a close-up photo of the tag to verify the tag number.

Do not remove the fish tag - you could lose your prize!

CALL 1800 077 001

Once this is done, call 1800 077 001 and quote the unique code on the tag for further instructions on how to register the claim. Please keep in mind that your catch is still confidential and that contacting media may result in your prize money being forfeited.

Verify your tag

The tag will need to be validated by a RFID reader in person, followed by media opportunities.

For more information on the competition rules and the verification process, check out our Terms and Conditions.

Rules and regulations


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