Engel freezer the ultimate accessory for fishos

Gone are the days when you and a few fisho mates would head out on a fishing trip lugging 10kg bags of ice around just to keep the bait, beers and barra cool.

These days portable freezers are all the go, especially on weekends away. There’s no bashing ice into smithereens, no soupy water and fish-gut mix to navigate at the end of the day, and you can be certain your catch is kept at the perfect temperature.

Isn’t it time you got on board and treated yourself to an Engel fridge/freezer?

Built by Japanese company Sawafuji Electric from the toughest components, Engels use the legendary Sawafuji swing motor with only one moving part that self-lubricates. This gives them unreel bragging rights.

Engels don’t need much energy to work, with power consumption around 40 per cent less than a traditional compressor. The quality insulation guarantees a worry-free experience on the road or in a boat and they work at up to a 30-degree angle without losing efficiency.

If you thought the Engel was a fairly new invention. Think again. These guys have had a license to chill since 1962.

Treat yourself to an Engel today, and when you lure in that elusive barra on your next Territory fishing trip you can keep it in the conditions such a trophy deserves.

To find your nearest Engel dealer and more information on the entire Engel range, including premium iceboxes and accessories, visit www.engelaustralia.com.au

Get out there and get lost with Engel.

Ready to begin your adventure?

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