Q&A with Supercars driver David Reynolds

We caught up with Aussie racing driver David Reynolds to chat all things fishing.

When did you first start fishing?

I’m not normally known as a fisherman, but I caught my first fish in the Sydney Harbour about 27 years ago and it was a Stone fish. A rare fish to catch and quite deadly.

Where’s your go-to spot to fish in the Territory?

Tiwi Island is the best fishing spot I’ve ever been to.

What’s the biggest barra you’ve ever caught?

69cm – I caught it while I was helping tag a fish for this season. Check him out below!

Where is your favourite fishing destination?

Anywhere in the Northern Territory is some of the greatest fishing in the country.

What’s your best fishing hack?

Taking Matt Wright! He solves all your problems.

David Reynolds with Matt Wright

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