Territory a top fishing destination

Group of people fishing for barramundi from a boat

World-class barra fishing is why fishos from all over Australia are lured to the Territory time and time again to drop a line.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned angler, trying your hand at catching a Northern Territory barra could be the fintastic experience you’ve been searching for.

Not only does the strong fighting spirit and aerial acrobatics of barra mean they’re a highly desired sport fish, they’re also delicious to eat, which makes that day of barra fishing that extra bit rewarding.

The friendly fishing team at Anaconda Darwin have some reely good tips when it comes to suggesting top fisho spots and hidden barra gems.

From where and when to fish, to the best way to handle a barra, plus top techniques to use, the Anaconda NT Barra Fishing Guide will have you hooked.

Our mates at Anaconda can equip you with the best gear for seasonal Top End conditions. They’re also big believers in sustainable fishing and advocate humane catch and release practices.

Click here to read the fishing guide and make sure you join the Anaconda Adventure Club. It’s free! You can also check out any deals from Darwin Anaconda here.

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