Tips for land-based success

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Don’t have a boat but busting to get out and catch a red-tagged barra?

We had a chat with local fishing legend Hiro Nakamura who shared his land-based secrets for catching a barra around Darwin.

Where is your go-spot for land-based barra fishing?

The best place for land-based barramundi fishing near Darwin City is in saltwater. The rocky areas scattered along the shoreline are recommended. A crowd of oysters is a must on those rocks.

What are the best tides for catching a barra?

The best tide shifts with the best fishing point every hour. If the tide is running, there is a chance of catching a barramundi. However, the barramundi are less active at midday.

What equipment do you need when land-based fishing?

Spiked boots or felt soled shoes are preferable when walking on rocky ground to prevent slipping and falling and injuries, and gloves are also necessary to prevent serious injury to your hands from oysters if you fall.

Where is the best spot to target barra during the Wet Season?

After heavy rains, fishing for barramundi in the creeks is recommended.

Any other tips?

There are no absolutes in fishing, so if you don’t catch one today, you may catch one tomorrow.

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