Why wetting a line in the Wet is a good idea

Barra jumping out of the water

A La Niña was recently declared by the Bureau of Meteorology signalling above-average rainfall for Northern Australia, bringing cooler and cloudier days, more tropical cyclones and an early onset of the Wet Season across the North.

This is great news for fishers as barramundi numbers are directly affected by the amount of rainfall a river catchment receives in a Wet Season.

In a high rainfall year when conditions are good for barramundi (that is, extended access to flood plains and lots of food), they grow faster and reproduction is boosted. Ultimately more rain equals more food, which equals more barramundi.

The Northern Territory has just gone through a two year period of lower than average rainfall and with it lower productivity of our barramundi population.

While fishers may be champing at the bit to have a go at the improved barramundi stocks, they should remember to fish sustainably. This means knowing your possession limits and only taking what you need for a feed.

To find out more, head to www.nt.gov.au/marine.

Season 9 has ended.