Prize Tagged Fish Winners

  • James Poniris (57.5cm)
  • Wilfredo Riddick (56cm)
  • Ryan Curtis (98cm)
  • Rowan Francis (57cm)
  • William Talbot (70cm)
  • Kaitlyn Ahfat (63cm)
  • Brian Ahrens (68cm)
  • Carly Petherick (60cm)
  • Tony McLean (56cm)
  • Hayley Palazzi (80cm)
  • David Ashfield (65cm)

 Lucky Prize Pool Winners

October 2020 (notified) 

  • Samuel Lew
  • Theodora Saroukos
  • Kathryn McGill
  • Ben Osborne
  • Louise Human
  • Brent Cranage

November 2020 (notified) 

  • Sam Mitchell
  • Patrick Carson
  • Vivek Sharma
  • Caroline Hayes
  • Jan Ferreira
  • Brian Carson
  • Daniel Hardy

December 2020 (notified) 

  • Jessica Roberston
  • Nathan Harris
  • Georgia Moa
  • Luiz de Arruda
  • Mitch Martin
  • John Tannos
  • Matthew Wines

January 2021 (notified) 

  • Adriana Dent
  • Geoff Toll
  • Tori Mckay
  • Bradley Creagh
  • Adam Kruger
  • Dee Walsh
  • Tammy Hutchison
  • Kristina Soggee

February 2021 (notified) 

  • Geoffrey Woods
  • Wayne Seckold
  • Ruel Pabito
  • Frank Campbell
  • Rosemary Davis
  • Ricardo Reid
  • Dylan Hoffmann
  • Mason Cox
  • William Allen

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There are multiple ways to win big with Million Dollar Fish! If you reel in a verified tagged barra, you could take home huge cash prizes of up to a million bucks. By simply registering, you’ll also go into our Lucky Prize Pool draw, where every month we’ll be giving away epic prizes from our partners!

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